Wizkid’s Former Producer, Samklef Blasts Him, Says Fame Has Changed Him

Linda Ikeji reports that Wizkid has left the good books of
his former producer, Samclef hence, the reason why the
super producer is sad with him.
The producer who produced Wizkid’s hit single Tease Me
and five other songs in Wizkid’s first album, made it

    known that the superstar singer has not only refused to
    work with him again, but he goes about dirtying his good
    “I’m not happy with Wizkid. I like his music, but I don’t
    like him as a person anymore. The reason I don’t like
    him anymore is, why do you go about spoiling other
    people’s business? I never spoiled your business, never
    came out to say anything bad about you for four years.
    So why would you go to an OAP and tell the OAP that the
    reason why you no longer work with me is because my
    beat is amateur. What does that mean? Those amateur
    beats was what brought you to limelight, was what made
    you meet the same Akon who first dropped ‘Don’t Dull’
    on your voice.” Samklef said.
    The producer in a bid to explain how plain he has been
    with the superstar and young father before the bubble
    busted totally between the two of them spoke painfully
    ”I never downgraded him. I showed him love. I used to
    go to his house…but he never came to mine. He doesn’t
    know my house. He hasn’t even seen my son before. It
    means he doesn’t regard me as a friend. I wanted to
    feature him in one of my songs but this guy kept posting
    me for years. That’s not even why I am angry. I am angry
    because he’s going about disrespecting my talent.
    Saying these things in public. It is annoying.”
    Samclef while reminiscing on the good old days with the
    singer was reported to have said:
    “I’m doing fine without Wizkid. I don’t want to say I
    regret working with him but I’m thanking God that we are
    all alive. But ask him, the people you are going to
    feature in America, if they were like you, would you meet
    “I wish him luck. I don’t regret working with his talent, I
    only regret working with his person. His fame took him
    away. He forgot where he was coming from. His person
    is very disgusting. There’s something we call the grace
    of God. Before Wizkid got to where he is today,
    somebody gave him a front line, somebody introduced
    him. He didn’t just come from anywhere.
    Making music is not just about one person. Banky was
    there to give him the front line and others came to help
    out. I’m not the only one complaining, other producers
    are complaining.
    I don’t want to call names but nobody is saying anything
    good about Wizkid and you call yourself a superstar
    when you keep matching other people down. What is the
    star about you? Is it because you are featuring other
    foreign artists? You are not the first to do that, others
    have done that before so why are you carried away?
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    The grieved producer however submitted sternly, making
    it known that he does not want to have anything to do
    with the singer. In his words:
    “I don’t want to do anything with Wizkid anymore. Keep
    it to yourself, keep your name. I have new friends and
    new family. But he can continue talking. We are
    listening. I don’t wish him bad. He says my beat is
    amateur but watch out for Samklef.”
    it would be recalled that just recently, another Nigerian
    act, Davido was involved in a face-off which resulted into
    exchange of words with Wizkid, although rumors have it
    that they have finally settled the rift between them.


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