His real name is Bajomo Olumide Michael,born 12th of
May,1995. He’s from Lagos state and he also resides in
Lagos state. He’s studying a course related to his music
career in the University of Lagos, akoka.(Unilag)

    He’s is a 200 level
    student of creative art. He realised his ability 2 sing at
    the early age of his life when he was 9 years old and he
    has attended many crusades 2 perform. He’s fully
    prepared to face music challenges and offer the best
    out of so many best. He released a single “Party jamz
    precisely” the one that can practically make lame men
    pick up their dancing shoes nd shake off their burden
    titled “MY WAY’.His fans call him “UNPREDICTABLE”
    because he is never slacking,so talented that that one
    can’t tell what type of song he’s going 2 sing…He comes
    in different styles with sweet tones which makes his
    music appear in a different dimension. He is the next 2
    take over the music industry,No homo!!!! Click on d link below to download


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